Is Stage Hypnotism Real?

Stage hypnotists are often asked if they “actually” hypnotise people. Some who ask this are genuinely curious to know, and a few are certain that it must all be fake.

The most common assertion is that the volunteers are all faking it and are perhaps paid actors.

The simplest way to refute this is to book a stage hypnotist for your corporate event or sports club and see them perform the show with a group of people that you know and that the hypnotist has never met. There will surely be no paid actors then.

Moreover there is an economic reason you can work out for yourself. While stage hypnotists are often paid well, they are not paid enough to also hire an additional team of 10 people to work for them on stage. It simply does not add up.

Then again, that are some people in the world who become so certain of their own opinion that they will go on to believe almost any ridiculous notion in order to retain their belief – for example those who consider that the earth is flat and that birds aren’t real. Such people will go to many logical contortions to insist that what they see the hypnotist doing right in front of their eyes is simply not happening.

In some ways I can understand this. Most hypnotists will agree that during their first few shows there is a sense of amazement that “this is actually happening and I am doing it!”. The subjects sometimes feel the same way.

For a more detailed discussion: How Does Stage Hypnotism Work?

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